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Salad servers

Stylish salad servers for the table

Salad servers are a must for the summer barbecue season. Your salad set should be both functional and easy to use, as well as looking great and matching your salad bowl. ByDahlLiving carries an exclusive range of salad spoon and fork cutlery sets. You can find brands such as Broste Copenhagen, Ib Laursen and Muubs. There are many fine sets to choose from and you are sure to find a salad cutlery set to match the rest of your tableware. Explore our webshop and find sets in gold, silver, black and wood - including sets from the brands that match the same cutlery ranges that we also stock here in the shop. So you can shop for a salad cutlery set that matches the rest of your stylish tableware.

Complete your collection with a beautiful salad set

Iceberg? Broccoli? Tomatoes? Dressing? A salad can consist of many delicious things. As well as tasting good, it's important that it's easy to serve. To make sure of that, put a smart salad set on your dining table for dinner. It should also be decorative. So, of course, the set should match your table setting and the rest of the style of your home decor. Salad servers have become a kind of interior that should not only be practical, but also nice to look at.

All the salad sets in our range are dishwasher safe and made from good, durable materials. This means you get salad cutlery that you can use for many years without it becoming worn to look at. Set the table with a beautiful wooden salad cutlery with a pattern in the wood. It's rustic and Nordic and will match almost any tableware. If you're going for a traditional look, you can also choose a silver salad servers - it always looks beautiful on a white tablecloth. Or complete the minimalist and modern look of your table with a black steel salad servers set.

Buy your salad servers at ByDahlLiving today - you always get free shipping when you shop online for more than £299. It's always cheap to shop stylish salad sets with us, and you'll often find a great deal on your favourite salad servers.

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