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We at focus on choosing solid, practical and delicious products for your table setting! We offer beautiful designs in tableware, glassware and cutlery. It is important for us to choose products that are stylish and functional. Service should be easy to clean and have a beautiful design. It should be fun to make the most beautiful table setting

Beautiful tableware for serving the most beautiful dishes, makes the food a little cozier and the experience with guests more complete. Set your table with the lovely Grey Stone dinner service from House Doctor or Nordic Sand from Broste Copenhagen. Both series of dinner service are based on the raw Danish and Nordic nature, and so it is very unique in its appearance.

The cutlery from House Doctor and Nicolas Vahe, both produced in stainless steel and subsequently given a coating, are both cutlery sets that pair beautifully with Nordic Sand and Grey Stone dinnerware. A bit raw and masculine, yet so soft and elegant in expression.
Make a delicious cup of coffee or tea from Nicolas Vahé and serve in the lovely Nordic Sands range from BrosteCopenhagen.   Top it with skimmed milk and it's perfect.
If you're setting the table for a cosy evening, the Smoke glasses from Broste Copenhagen are so pretty and go perfectly with the black cutlery from Nicolas Vahé. The glasses are available in several variations, so it's all in your imagination when it comes to setting a beautiful table.
Be inspired by the delicious products from House Doctor, Broste CPH and Nicolas Vahé you can find beautiful and practical products for your table setting. For example, find candle holders from Novoform or elegant decorations for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries from Felius.


Broste Copenhagen Nordic Sand and Nordic Sea tableware

The beautiful Nordic tableware Nordic Sand and Nordic Sea is handmade tableware with the most beautiful slightly raw glaze. The Nordic Sand series is inspired by the Nordic nature, with stand, sand and sea. At we sell plates, mugs, bowls and dishes. Broste Copenhagen Nordic Sand and Nordic Sea series are handmade and all products are therefore unique.  

Broste Copenhagen Smoke Glass and Amber Glass

At you will also find the beautiful Smoke Glass and Amber Glass from Broste Copenhagen. The glasses are mouth blown in clear and dark smoke coloured or amber coloured glass. All the glasses are finished by hand, and therefore it is very unique products you buy. You can find the glasses as white wine glasses, red wine glasses, water glasses, and drinking glasses, as well as a beautiful decanter

Broste Copenhagen napkins and napkin rings

If you decorate with beautiful napkins, you might also like beautiful napkin rings.
At Broste Copenhagen we have found the most beautiful napkin rings both in metal and in raw stone. Try for example, the beautiful napkin rings of soap stone or maybe those in brass. They are super elegant and very simple in their expression.
All napkin rings are sold in packs of 6 so there is a nice table setting. Broste Copenhagen is also the supplier of our beautiful napkins. The napkins you will find in several different shades of color that match perfectly with our plates and napkin rings

House Doctor cutlery in gold titanium

When you set a fine table with delicious service and beautiful glasses, you also need beautiful cutlery. The beautiful and elegant cutlery from House Doctor is made of stainless steel and has a coating of gold titanium. The beautiful cutlery brightens up any table setting and is very elegant in its expression. Now you can set the most beautiful table with spoon, teaspoon, knife and fork with Elegant cutlery from House Doctor

Nicolas Vahé Black cutlery

The beautiful black cutlery from Nicolas Vahé is at once both masculine and soft in its expression. The cutlery is made of stainless steel and has a titanium coating that gives the slightly matte finish. The beautiful cutlery gives a very minimalist look to your table setting, and is very elegant and silky to look at. At you will find House Doctor black knife, black fork, black spoon as well as black teaspoon

House Doctor Grey Stone dinnerware

If you like very dark and rustic shades, then the beautiful Grey Stone series from House Doctor is just the thing for you. The beautiful grey glaze gives a rustic and unique look that goes really well with the more minimalist table setting. At you will find the large dinner plate as well as the slightly smaller lunch / dessert plate and pasta plate and bowls. All products in the Grey Stone series are made of 100% procelain.

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Buy all the beautiful products from Brose Copenhagen HERE
Buy all the beautiful products from Nicolas Vahe HERE
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