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Sky products

Skyuro and cloud gurilande from Gamcha for both boys and girls

If you like clouds in many colours, this is the place to look. Gamcha has the most beautiful clouds in the most beautiful colour combinations. Clouds are very popular above the changing table and and above the baby bed. But the cloud theme is also a hit with slightly older boys and girls. Try the cloud oval in boys' or girls' colours, or the guriland in both pink and light blue. It's definitely a hit for boys and girls of all ages.

Acrylic cloud mirror 20 times stronger than a regular mirror

The cloud mirror from A Little Lovely Company is 20 times stronger than a regular mirror. It is made of acrylic, so it is quite safe to let your child play with it. If it breaks, it won't shatter.
Try placing the mirror by the changing table so baby can see themselves when being changed. Or hang it on walls where baby plays. In fact, our own Ella plays with her mirror a lot. It's not hung up, so she carries it around with her wherever she plays, and often the mirror is part of the play.

Cute little suitcases with clouds in light blue and pink

If the kids are sleeping out, and have a pacifier, teddy bear and nightwear with them, then the little suitcases with clouds in pink and light blue are definitely the thing. The suitcases are made of sturdy cardboard and have a small lock so that children can easily open the suitcase.
You can also use it for your favourite toys, so they're easy to find.
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