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Delicious gourmet spices for your cooking from THYA and Nicolas Vahé. When your efforts in the kitchen require the "icing on the cake" and the glory your cooking deserves, you can find it here! With spices from Nicolas Vahé and THYA  you get both completely exptionelle delicious and tasty spice salts while decorating the kitchen or dining table with the spice bottles, in fine graphic and design qualities. You will find in the category among others salt with garlic, chili, shallots, parmesan, basil and much more! But also spices like sea buckthorn, parsley and chilli from the Nordic kitchen have found their way to our shop.   Remember that the complete experience requires that you have the right conditions to perform. It is a must that, in addition to delicious culinary spices, you can also visually give yourself and your guests a wonderful experience.

Spices from Nicolas Vahe

Nicolas Vahé produces the wonderful spices. If you are going to cook fried vegetables, you should try the spice that goes with it. The delicious vegetable seasoning, gives just the final spice to the vegetables. And with a touch of Nicolas Vahé lemon olive oil, it doesn't get much better. At Nicolas Vahé, we also find the wonderful Hot Barbeque Seasoning, and the Beef Seasoning. If you're going to cook a great steak, you can't do without these 2 spices. Your steak is going to taste heavenly when you season with Nicolas Vahé Spices. 
If you are more of a homemade popcorn kind of person, you should try swapping out the salt for the popcorn spice. It's a slightly different but super delicious way to serve popcorn for family fun nights.

Spices from Thya

At THYA in THy we have found the wonderful salts with organic herbs. The herbs are collected in and around the THY National Park. Herbs such as sea buckthorn, ramsons, thyme, parsley and chilli are typically raw and rustic herbs that do well in the rugged nature that the national park, and much of THY has. The herbs from Nicolas Vahe and THYA go so well together.  

Salt with herbs

Both THYA and Nicolas Vahé, stand for some of the best spices on the market, if you ask us. The salts from Nicolas Vahé, exude southern Europe, warm skies, and warm summer evenings, whereas the salts from THYA consist of parts of the raw and rugged nature that the North Sea provides THY and the National Park. Both are for us, absolutely indispensable in our kitchen, and certainly something that is used every day.

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