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Shelves, storage bags - the way to tidy up 

We all know it - things we use occasionally tend to lie around. It's over now! In this category, we've put together a range of products to help you and your family keep things tidy, stylish and neat.

The beautiful and very durable storage bags from Deko My Dear you'll find them in lots of different designs. If you need to tidy up your child's room, these bags are perfect for toys. For example, find Batman bags and put Batman wallsticker up with them, or try the bags with lightning or Mr Bear. If you want more neutral-looking storage, choose bags with crosses, dots, drops and triangles. Use the bags for laundry too - they're perfect for that.

The elegant SIMPLE shelf from House Doctor is exclusive and fine and can easily be used for storing the things you don't use daily, while you can place decorations on the shelf. The cans from By Brorson with wildlife print are very decorative, and airtight - thus ideal for coffee or other food items that do not like air.

Shelving for the wall or on wheels for the floor

Maybe you have some favourite ceramics, a beautiful vase, old cool boxes or other goodies you want to show off, then shelving is a great solution. At, you'll find both shelves that can hang on the wall and shelves on wheels that can be moved around the room. So you can always have your favourite things close at hand

Find inspiration for glasses, plates and tableware that look great on the shelf and for the table setting here, for example from Broste Copenhagen and the lovely MoodCup mugs from Livink.

Remember - if you order before 12 noon, your items will be shipped the same day. Buy for 299,- and shipping is free!

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