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Table mirrors

Unique table mirrors in Scandinavian design

Table mirrors are both decorative and functional. With a table mirror, you can easily apply makeup in your bedroom or bathroom. The mirror and its unique design can also be part of the room's accomplished style. In our shop you will find table mirrors for the modern as well as a Scandinavian or very trendy style. We also have very simple and minimalist mirrors for the table. You will find both table models with light or without lighting, which can tilt the mirror or where the mirror sits in the same position. We have something for every need - and if you shop for at least 299 DKK, we always deliver for free. Choose your new table mirror from Scandinavian design brands like Hübsch and Ib Laursen.

A mirror for the table in beautiful materials

A table mirror is not just a mirror. It is defined by the frame, edge or base in which the functional mirror itself is placed. Our range offers all kinds of beautiful designs and materials such as an elegant and oval mirror with a gold brass edge, a very rustic and square mirror with a black metal frame and stand, a round and minimalist mirror with a white stand and wooden tray at the bottom as well as a very unique mirror with a wooden base and a freestanding round mirror.

The table mirror can be used in any room of the home. In the hallway on a dresser - so you can take that last look at your makeup before you step out the door. In the living room as a beautiful decoration on a windowsill or a sideboard. In the bedroom on the bedside table - so you can do your evening cleanse while you're in bed. In the bathroom - where the table mirror can be an extra complement to your mirror on the wall. The mirror is very practical and can be taken around the home, wherever you want to sit and do your makeup.

Buy your table mirror online at ByDahlLiving and find a great deal. It's always cheap to shop for home furnishings with us

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