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Salt with the taste of National Park THY

Based on our love for Thy and the beautiful National Park THY we have found the most beautiful products, namely gourmet specialties from THYA.

Organic products such as chives, parsley, chilli, garlic and sea buckthorn mixed in the most beautiful salt, and served in a table grinder, it does not get much better. If you're making a delicious brunch, try the delicious strawberry, sea buckthorn and gooseberry jams. Simply the best jam we've tasted!

Remember - Order by noon on weekdays and we'll ship your order the same day.

Thya is a family-owned business with the National Park in their backyard. Alice is the woman behind THYA  and their delicious specialties from THY. All THYA products are found and produced in and around the THY National Park.


born and raised near the THY National Park ourselves, it was not difficult to choose these products for and our amazing customers.

From THYA you will find the most beautiful salty with sea buckthorn, ramsons, chilli, parsley and garlic. All handpicked and carefully selected and produced in and around the THY National Park. Nature is a treasure trove of culinary gourmet experiences and of course so is National Park THY. The people behind THYA are often out picking strawberries for jam, and chokeberries for their mustard. The authentic raw materials are also supplied from, for example, Gavnhøj Fruit Plantation, THY Eco Berries and Free Range Vegetables - fantastic raw materials for THYA  production.
The salts with organic chilli, sea buckthorn, parsley, ramsons and garlic, gourmet specialities of the highest class. All products are carefully selected and the products are produced with a safe hand.

The specialities from THYA are produced with raw materials where the quality is top. The work is based on Nordic traditions of using seasonal produce for a delicious and optimal taste - and it can be tasted all the way to the dining table!
Many of the wonderful ingredients are organic and come exclusively from Thy. When the warehouse is emptied of raw materials, it is not possible to start production until the season again offers fresh raw materials from Thy.

The jams from THYA are a chapter of their own. They have the most delightful sweet taste of fresh sun-ripened berries, with a wonderful sweetness. Here you will find jams with slightly different fruits than you usually see. How about a gooseberry jam, or a jam with sea buckthorn?

Christmas specialities from THYA have now also been added to the shop. Products such as apple jelly, Christmas jam, cherry sauce and Christmas mustard are among the new products. Try the wonderful products, it is gourmet in every sense, and at a reasonable price.

Delicious specialties from THY and THYA is exclusive gourmet with heart in the right place - served directly from the National Park Thy and the raw Northwest Jutland nature. Enjoy!
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