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Vertiplants wall pots are super nice when you need storage on walls. Fill your Vertiplants with plants and mix different colours and sizes of your Vertiplants. The wall pots are very ideal for creating patterns on the wall and bringing some colour into the room. The beautiful Vertiplants fit together, 2 small ones are the same size as a large one. Therefore they can be mixed and matched.
The new thing from Vertiplants is that although they look like plastic, they are actually made from plant fibres, so they are sustainable and they don't pollute the environment. And they are produced in Denmark, something we like in our environmental accounting. The production site uses wind energy and bioenergy in their production.

Hang your Vertiplants on the wall by the kitchen table, and fill them with herbs and kitchen utensils, then you have the kitchen table free. Hang them in the bathroom and fill them with washcloths, hairbrushes, etc. They have a lot of uses.

If you need something on your hallway wall, you can mix Vertiplants with the other products from Verti Copenhagen. Then you get sail, lamp and storage in the same solution.
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