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Vintage furniture

Iron cabinets - Stools - Stools -  Chairs - Factory and vintage furniture with industrial touch

Vintage furniture, also called factory furniture, is definitely here to stay. The furniture is a far cry from the somewhat stripped down style we have seen in the past. The furniture here is either of older date, or newly produced from recycled materials. You will also find brand new furniture with a raw industrial look. The industrial furniture fits perfectly into the home. They are great for adding a little edge and personality to your decor

Furniture made from recycled materials

The furniture is made from recycled wood and metal, and all have that modern twist that fits in with the trends of the time. In the vintage furniture category you will find dining tables, display cabinets and chairs. Put different pieces of furniture together, or just let a cabinet stand on its own.  

You will also find here under this category several of the cool furniture from House Doctor, which are produced in water pipes including the cool daybed with the most delicious leather cushion on.

Industrial furniture

If you want to redecorate your home with industrial furniture, it is possible to buy it all online here at

Here you will find stools and stools, you will find cool old folding chairs in several different colors, you will find tables of recycled wood and is there anything you are looking for, give us a call, maybe it can be provided.

We're pretty into the raw and rustic look that you get when you decorate with vintage furniture with industrial. We love mixing it with the new and trendy in home decor. So we get a modern home but with personality.
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