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Elegant and modern wall clocks

Wall clocks are in every home. It has become a trendy and smart element. One that should not only tell you the time, but also decorate your wall and match your home decor. ByDahlLiving takes great pride in offering Danish home brands with everything from Scandinavian to minimalist, retro and classic style. You'll find a wide selection of clocks from brands like Karlsson and Bloomingville here in the shop.

Treat your home to a beautiful clock for the wall. Discover large clocks, clocks with and without numbers, with simple or detailed hands. In our range of clocks for the home you will also find bordure and alarm clocks. They can be placed on your bedside table, desk, kitchen table, a chest of drawers or on the windowsill. The modern designs will decorate your home and tell you the time in style. Discover smart features like second counters and alarms too.

Choose the perfect wall clock for your home

Tick, tock... with a decorative clock in your home, you can create a personal touch. The clock can hang on the wall or stand on a surface. It should reflect your style, but it should also be of good quality. Our range offers wall and table clocks in wood, steel, glass, aluminium, marble and metal. Colours abound too - discover everything from minimalist black, white and grey to elegant gold or trendy copper. There are designs to suit every taste.

Where should the clock hang or stand? You can decorate your Nordic-inspired living room with a wall clock in Korean wood. It has a natural and accomplished look - the hands are made of elegant brass, which complements the wood nicely.

In the kitchen, complete your minimalist style with a grey steel clock. It's simple and blends easily with the decor. In the office, you can liven things up with a decorative table clock. Choose anything from a gold table clock to a blue metal wall clock.

Buy your new wall or table clock online from us on offer. We carry a wide selection of unique, quality clocks in aesthetic materials that bring life and soul to the home. We ship fast and deliver cheap, of course - right to your door.

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