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Wall clocks with numbers

Wall clock with numbers in stylish designs

Wall clocks with numbers are ideal as wall clocks. They give you a good overview of the time, a nice visual expression and they are great for children who need to know the time. Our range includes clocks with numbers in classic or modern designs. Whether you prefer a wall clock with small anonymous numbers or huge and distinctive numbers that can be clearly seen from a distance. Discover everything from alarm clocks and doorbells to wall clocks and digital clocks with loose numbers that change by themselves. All are carefully selected from Dutch brand Karlsson, which designs unique and truly stunning timepieces. Their watches with numbers are no exception. Here you get a beautiful and functional clock that can fit into any room in your home. If you are decorating in a Scandinavian style, watches with large numbers have become particularly popular. Once it was supposed to be more minimalist with thin lines instead of numbers, but the functional and practical has come back into fashion.

Choose a wall clock with big numbers

A wall clock should be decorative, but also functional. So it's easy to spot what time it is from a distance. But also so that children can learn the time by using the clock in the home. It would be useful to hang it in the kitchen, where the family often gathers - preferably so that the clock can be seen from the dining table and you can practise with the children during the day. The functional clock also needs to look good. Consider a Nordic wooden clock with fine brass hands or a simple clock with a black face and white numbers - we have many exciting options for the whole home.

Welcome in the hallway with a matte green wall clock with white numbers. It's both practical with the numbers visible, and it adds colour to the room. Spruce up your living room decor with a round glass clock with striking steel numbers. It fits perfectly with the modern and simple style. Whether it's the living room or another room you need a new clock for, we always have great deals at ByDahlLiving. Buy your wall clock with numbers online with us and have your order delivered cheaply - free of charge for purchases over 299 DKK.

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