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Water carafe

Water carafe in exclusive design

Are you looking for a beautiful water carafe in a modern design? Water carafes are great for serving tap water, lemonade, wine and all sorts of other drinks in style. It looks much nicer to put a carafe on the table rather than a soda bottle or juice box. The fact that the carafe is made of glass makes it look much nicer and more elegant on your table. Pour in style with a fine decanter that matches your table setting and home decor. You can also easily take a carafe with water in it outdoors in summer. Fill it with ice cubes to keep the water or juice cold on the table for longer.

ByDahlLiving sells everything for the home - including the table. That's why we carry a wide range of fine glass carafes. You will find glass carafes from brands such as Broste Copenhagen. All are made in a modern and Scandinavian look and in beautiful glass. Discover everything from tall and slender water carafes with a small pouring spout, to round and beautiful carafes, carafes with a lid or stopper, as a wine carafe and much more. Most of the many fine decanter styles can easily go in your fridge, so you can keep the water or lemonade cold before your guests arrive.

The water carafes in our range are all in glass. It's just the best material. A beautiful glass pitcher like this will match any tablecloth, napkin or service on the table. However, you won't only find glass carafes in transparent glass, you'll also find several beautiful styles in colours or with prints on the carafe. Sizes we also have several of. You will find jugs that can hold 80 cl, 100 cl or as much as 160 cl. Choose a carafe model that suits your needs. If you're just using it for everyday use, you might be able to make do with a smaller model. But if you're entertaining, it's nice to have a carafe with enough water on the table.

Take a look at the range here in the webshop and find a glass water carafe to suit your taste. We always deliver for free when you shop for interior and home accessories for more than 299 DKK.

Discover coloured glass carafes

The carafe is not a new invention. In fact, it's been around since the 1400-1500s. Back then, it was used especially for water and wine. It was often made of stoneware, and one of the things that distinguishes the carafe is that it does not have a handle. Unlike a jug which typically has a handle on the side. The word carafe itself comes from the French carafe.

In the 1600s, people began to see the water carafe as we know it today. Here it was made of glass, though without colours, but with different patterns. The patterns could be cut into the glass, and the carafe itself could also be decorated with a monogram. As the 19th century approached, carafes were often made of cut lead crystal, whereas in the 20th century they were simply made of glass and without any major decorations.

Today, the carafe is less solemn. But it is still an element for the table that we are starting to see in more versions, shapes, colours and with patterns. Even though it is not so solemn, it is often an item that we put on the table when we have guests. Many may use plastic jugs in everyday life and then find the slightly nicer glass water carafe when guests are over. However, if you are not so keen on the practical and functional plastic jugs, a glass jug is also something you can easily use for everyday.

The advantage of choosing a glass carafe over a plastic pitcher is that you get something that is both practical and decorative. In our range you will find several beautiful glass carafes in coloured glass. You can discover everything from a water carafe in amber or smoke, to one in blue glass, with bubble pattern on the carafe or in clear glass with grooves. There's definitely a trendy design for everyone. All are very timeless in their appearance and expression. You are therefore investing in a carafe that you can use for many years to come. And that's without it becoming unfashionable to look at.

ByDahlLiving only sells carafes and other interior items from the best brands on the market. You can therefore always count on buying good quality when you shop with us. Our beautiful glass decanters are no exception. The glass carafes from Broste Copenhagen are made of hand-blown glass. Which makes each model unique and truly fine. Because they are mouth-blown, you can't expect them to be the same. There will always be little details or bubbles in the glass here and there. But that also means you get your very own and personal glass carafe for the home.

Use the carafe to put a freshly made batch of lemonade on the garden table. Or decorate the Christmas table with the beautiful carafe and a delicious glass of Glögg in it. Put it on the table in the living room with water in it when you have guests for a birthday or dinner. Pour juice into it or use it for everyday lemonade. The water carafe has an incredible range of uses and can really dress up your table - both for everyday use and for parties.

What should you think about when choosing your new glass carafe? Consider whether it's just for everyday use or for when you're entertaining. For everyday use, it's important that it can go in the fridge to chill your water or juice. It may therefore be a good idea to measure the shelf height of your fridge. If you often have guests, it makes sense to invest in more than one carafe. That way you can put more on the table with water, juice or wine. It's also a good idea to think about the colour - choose a timeless design that matches the rest of your glasses.

Buy your water carafe online at ByDahlLiving. You'll find many great water carafes at a great price. It's always cheap to shop with us and we have lots of great offers.

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