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White wine glass

Aesthetic white wine glasses in sophisticated designs

Beautiful white wine glasses offer? ByDahlLiving carries a wide range of stunning white wine glasses from home brands such as Broste Copenhagen, Hübsch, Ib Laursen and Bloomingville. All are known for a Scandinavian and truly beautiful expression in their interiors. Their glasses for white wine are no exception. Discover everything from delicate and coloured glasses to patterns or grooves in the glass, clear glasses, tall and slender glasses, low and small glasses, with or without stem, bubble shaped or with rim. You will find a multitude of fine designs and sizes that will undoubtedly adorn your table in style. Find white wine glasses that hold 20 cl or 45 cl. Buy them in packs of either 4 or 6.

The white wine glass is a must when you want to enjoy a good vintage with dinner, when you want to set the table for a party or when you want to enjoy a good glass with guests at dinner at home. Whatever the occasion, pouring the fresh and tangy liquid into a beautiful glass just adds to the atmosphere. You can enjoy both the taste and the smell of such a cold white wine on one of those warm summer evenings, for example. It's pure luxury and self-indulgence. White wine is just delicious for everyday and festive occasions. At a party, white wine goes well as a starter with fish or as a delicious and refreshing welcome drink. Of course, your toast should be done with a nice glass that matches the table setting and the party theme.

If you shop for your white wine glasses at ByDahlLiving, shipping is always free for purchases over DKK 299. We ship fast, of course, so you never have to wait long to enjoy a glass of white wine in style!

Explore white wine glass offers at ByDahlLiving

We all know it, white wine, which typically comes in a clear or green bottle. It's also better known by the names of grapes like Chardonnay or Riesling - and often made in countries like France and Italy. White wine is a popular drink that has been enjoyed for many years. White wine is actually just fermented fruit juice. It is a juice whose history goes back almost 6000 years. The Greeks produced wine 4500 years ago, while archaeological finds also show that wine was produced around 6000 years ago in Armenia.

In its modern form, the wine glass is not so old. But the very technique of mouth-blowing the fine glasses is actually thousands of years old, dating back to ancient Egypt. The white wine glass itself is also important for the enjoyment of wine. The reason why the white wine glass is smaller than the red wine glass is to hold the flavour better. The glass is best if it has a tulip shape and no more should be poured than the widest part of the glass. This is because the space in the glass is best for releasing the white wine's fragrances.

You will find more fine white wine glasses with this optimal shape in our range. They are all made of good and durable materials. Many of them are hand-blown in the old-fashioned tradition. This makes each wine glass unique - for example, with small air bubbles in the glass itself.

A white wine glass is both practical and decorative. As I said, it should do something for the taste of the wine, but it should also adorn the dining table and create an elegant look. With simple, minimalist, rustic and romantic glasses from our range, you can easily create a stylish table setting that matches your décor, the colours, plates and other tableware. Go for the rustic and Nordic look with the coloured white wine glasses from Ib Laursen. Choose a simple clear glass from Broste Copenhagen or Hübsch for the minimalist look. Want to use the glass as decoration in itself? Then you can also find white wine glasses with a bubble pattern or grooves in the glass.

The white wine glasses can stand as decoration in the glass cabinet in the kitchen. They can be brought out on a warm summer's day on the terrace. For when you have guests over for dinner. When you're throwing a big party. Or just on an ordinary day, when you need to enjoy a good and tasteful glass of white wine.

You'll always find white wine glasses at a great price online at ByDahlLiving. Take a look at our white wine glass offers here in the webshop and renew your collection of glasses cheaply and in style.

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